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Complete Flute Moonshine Stills

Brand : Towin
Product origin : China
Delivery time : 10-15days
Supply capacity : 1000units/month

Complete Flute Moonshine Stills available

We have stainless steel 304(food grade) boilers, stainless steel 304/crystal /copper reflux stills,stainless steel /copper condensors and inline built-in parrots,copper helmet/uniion and copper ferrules and stainless steel tri-clamps, you can choose according to your needs.

The whole Complete Flute Moonshine Stills including: Boilers, distillation columns,condensors, dephlegmator,and parrots, and you can choose to buy a control box for the heating element from us or you want to get locally.

We can also produce various types of Complete Flute Moonshine Stills COMPONENTS,for instance, complete-Flute Column,milk can boilers, ,copper bubble plates(caps and plates), complete milk can distiller, heating elements, valves and related products.

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