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Beer Fermentation Tanks

Brand : Towin
Product origin : China
Delivery time : 10-25 business days
Supply capacity : 100units/month

Beer Fermentation Tanks

In modern production of beer,it is commonly use cylindrical-conical tanks.

For the production of beer,it usually consists of mash tun/kettles, cylindrical-conical tanks ,lager tanks ,serving tanks and packaging machines. Beer Fermentation Tanks are widely used in brew-house,brewery factory and brewery industry etc.  We can also supply full line of spare parts and accessories for your convenience.

We can make working capacities from 3 to 100 Barrels according to your needs. 

All our fermenter tanks are made of food grade stainless steel 304 or 316. Beer Fermentation Tanks has dish top and 60 degree conical bottom with four sturdy feet with leveling ports, with cooling jacketed and PU insulation layers. 

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